African Ginger launches solo digital exhibition with fine-art NFT gallery


The first fine-art NFT gallery in South Africa, USURPA, is presenting Seth Pimentel, also known as African Ginger’s, first solo digital exhibition from 8 June to 7 July. The collection consists of twelve digital portraits honouring the diversely melanated skin of persons of colour (POCs) in South Africa.

The Pride Comes Before the Fall is an exploration of colour as it’s never been used before by the artist. Seth describes the radiant colour palette of the 12 works he created for this exhibition as a “celebration of a new beginning” in an experimental phase of his career.

Seth is an illustrator, painter and experimental visual artist who currently living and working in Johannesburg. His artistic practice revolves around pushing the limits of modern portraiture by seamlessly blending painting, drawing and digital illustration, resulting in an innovative hybrid style that embraces experimentation. In recent years, Seth has channelled his craft into many local exhibitions, and collaborations with major international brands such as Converse, SneakerLab, Redbull and Jameson.  His debut solo exhibition, titled An Ode to Catharsis, was hosted at the Kalashnikovv gallery in Johannesburg in 2021.

This new beginning comes as a result of what Pimental calls a conversation with his ego: “The idea is to let go of the self and move on to something that is transcendental’, to avoid staying in a place of comfort – hence the name The Pride Comes Before the Fall.” The iridescence that comes with the colour play contained in the body of work is a spectrum along which multiple versions of the self illuminate a personal truth.

“Through the work, mine is a journey of self-awakening. Along this journey, there is the knowledge that change is an inevitable part of life, but that is not to say there isn’t reluctance towards change. Each piece in my solo exhibition is a manifestation of letting go of ego amid the reluctance that shapes that journey,” says Pimentel. He leans towards celebrating the capacity of the human spirit as a vessel that is ever-evolving.

USURPA is based in Johannesburg and uses Samsung Frame Technology to display their physical NFT art. To “usurp” means to take a position of power or importance by force – USURPA is doing just that by staking its claim as the bold new name in African digital art.

When: 8 June to 7 July 2023 

Opening hours: Tuesdays to Fridays, 10h00-17h00; Saturdays by appointment only.

Address: 70B Oxford Road, Riviera, Johannesburg

NFTs are available for purchase on NIFTY gateway here: 

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