Reimagining Heritage, Archives and Museums: Today/Tomorrow Day 2 -

Veronika Châtelain’s Restitution Address


The Reimagining Heritage, Archives and Museums: Today/Tomorrow convening took place from 13th to 15th February 2024 at the Homecoming Centre in Cape Town.

Veronika Châtelain is the Senior Programme Officer of Culture and Art at the Open Society Foundations/African Restitution Fund (AReF), which has the mission of championing justice in the world by supporting diverse voices and organisations in closing the existing gaps between the governing and the governed. One of the Foundation’s focuses that work towards justice is restitution – the return of African heritage to its rightful place, and the repair of Africa’s fractured dignity. 

Châtelain’s address focused on the financial aspect of restitution, including how philanthropy fits into the movement. Châtelain highlighted the Foundation’s global initiative to close funding gaps and level the field for many African-led and Africa-centric organisations. 

Watch the full address in the video below to learn more about the work of Open Society and the efforts of many African individuals and organisations when it comes to restitution. Châtelain also presented a video that she said, “better reflects how philanthropy, [the] power of convening, and financial support has helped advance the fields of restitution through the eyes of grantees.”

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